15 BBQ Aprons For Every Kind Of Grill Master

15 BBQ Aprons For Every Kind Of Grill Master

December 10, 2020 / Comments

The apron is the mark of a true professional. It says, “what I’m getting into might be messy, but I’m prepared”. And while there are plenty of funny bbq aprons out there waiting for their chance to be a father’s day gift, there’s a whole world of beautifully designed heavy-duty aprons for every kind of grill master. 

Like a great BBQ sauce, a personalized apron adds flavor to your entire grill setup. 

Read on for great gift ideas that protect your clothing while making a statement. We’ve got top-of-the-line stuff as well as some basics to help new grillers get started. Read to the end to see why we’ve really got something for everyone. 

Goofy Dad BBQ Aprons 

The classic goofy men’s bbq apron isn’t just for dads! Dad puns are a lifestyle and this type of apron is a classic. These funny bbq aprons offer a solid mix of practicality and fun, and create a fun and memorable barbecue experience for everyone.

The Little Blue House Bear-B-Q Apron

Perfect for the dad who “bears it all” when it comes to BBQ puns. This apron has adjustable neck straps for a snug fit and a very relaxed blue color, perfect for bringing the patience of nature to the grill. 

Men’s THE GRILLFATHER Full Length Apron

Bring some drama to the backyard with this black Godfather-inspired apron. Beware— this is a license for dad to do movie quotes in an awkward Italian accent. Reviewers mention the great apron quality and lots of laughs. Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but BBQ should be served hot! 

Daddio Funny BBQ Cooking Apron 

This is a fresh take on “king of the grill” aprons. For the guy who’s trying to bring back Daddio. This apron has nice big pockets to store utensils and adjustable neck straps. These aprons are printed to order, by hand, using eco-friendly ink. 

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Serious Grill Masters

Here we’ve got some heavy duty aprons that are for tried and true grillmasters. These aprons will stand the test of time and become family grill heirlooms. Durable and well-made don’t come cheap, so consider these an investment piece. 

Fire resistant BBQ apron

A true grillmaster knows safety is key to a great barbecue! They can double as chef and patio fire marshall in  super cool firefighter-inspired apron! Made of fire-resistant material, this apron features reflective material and two deep front pockets and a waist tie. The reflective trim will take on a slight glow as the sun starts to go down, perfect to help guests find their way to the food. 

Smart BBQ Waxed Canvas Apron with Grilling Tool Set & Metal Retractable Bottle Opener – Custom Embroidered

Wow! This apron has it all! It comes with custom-fitted tools, a bottle opener, leather details and heavy-duty waxed canvas, you can “become the bbq hero you were meant to be.” The custom embroidery adds a really cool professional detail as well. The wearer can look cool while staying clean and maybe even pretend they’re in a BBQ competition. 

Tactical Apron

For the tactical BBQer. This is by far the most extreme BBQ apron we’ve ever seen and it’s a great way to “always be prepared”. Use the pouches to hold tools, spices, small jars of sauce, and maybe a bbq spray bottle. The true master will know what to do with all the space on the back of the apron. 

EZ Drinker 

A tactical apron for the beer drinker. You could definitely also use the holsters for seltzer water to stay hydrated on a hot day. Plenty of spots to hold your tools and every flavor of our barbecue sauce. This apron has a great balance of funny/cool/practical that will appeal to most grillmasters. 

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Badass women

Women grillers can wear any apron a man can wear, and more. While many aprons are adjustable, women’s aprons tend to run a little smaller, which is great for petite sizes. They also come in more fun colors and shapes. Some days there’s simply nothing more badass than a glam gal cooking up some sick barbecue!

Stacia Embroidered Indigo Apron 

Anthropologie has tons of cute aprons, but we love the cute flowers and beautiful indigo dye on this one. It looks like heavy duty workwear, but brings a little style and flavor.  It’s all about flavor, right? 

Hedley & Bennett Heavy Duty Crossback Apron

Hedley & Bennett have a cult-like following of chefs, bakers and cooks. This heavy duty apron is fully adjustable to fit exactly how you want, all day. This is a super high quality apron that is cut well enough to be called chic, and more importantly, will be comfortable and stand up to just about anything a grill and chill can throw at it. 

H&M Linen Apron

Not the sturdiest apron on the list, but the sunniest and most likely to hide a mustard stain. Maybe you want to do a costume change in the middle of the grill and chill and serve everything in this lovely apron? Nothing more badass than doing what you want, when you want. 

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New to the grill 

Those new to the grill may not need or be willing to invest in the heavy duty aprons. It’s a good idea to keep it neutral while learning.  We like these aprons because they’re simple enough to protect your clothes while you learn what you need for a great grill apron. 

Red Unisex ChefWorks Apron

The perfect basic apron! Tie waste, covers your midsection while giving room to move about, and has pockets. The bright red makes it easy to spot the chef and is a power color for staying grounded at the grill. This is also a great starter apron because it’s short— many people don’t need the super long aprons! 

Sandviva Apron, Blue

Love this super simple, super stylish Ikea apron. The kangaroo pocket keeps things where you ended them, and there’s even a spot to hang the tongs. The colors are calming but will look stylish in a photo, and let’s be honest, we love to instagram out grill and chills. 

 Unisex Embroidered BBQ Apron 

This apron is so corny it’s cool (and true at BBQs!). We love the color and the flames. One of the great tricks of fashion (and yes, BBQ aprons count as fashion) is that you can draw the idea to wear you want emphasis. If you’re new to grilling and something goes wrong, you’ve already distracted everyone with this amazing apron.


Hedley & Bennett The Tie Dye Apron

This is a gorgeous apron that is slightly less practical when it comes to spills, but look at it! Don’t you want to entertain your guests in this funky bad boy? Maybe save this for days you’re just using the smoker. 

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Santa Apron

Santa’s gotta grill too! This apron is perfect for a holiday BBQ or, honestly, year round if you happen to be the jolly old guy himself. 

Behind the Apron 

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