7 Things You Need To Know About Redneck Food

7 Things You Need To Know About Redneck Food

December 10, 2020 / Comments

Redneck food is synonymous with backyard cookouts, tailgating, and the American South. But to us, it’s just home cooking!

Redneck food is often misunderstood by those who didn’t grow up with it. This cuisine gets mistaken for food that’s haphazardly thrown together and stuck in the microwave when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, the Southern delicacies we know and love require culinary excellence, the right equipment, and a secret ingredient (which we’ll tell you about later.).

If you’re curious about BBQ or want to whip up some Redneck food for your next cookout, you’ve come to the right place. But before you start cooking, there are seven things you need to know, including:

  • Why Redneck food is so gosh darn delicious
  • What you need to know to make Redneck BBQ at home (+ what gear you need!)
  • Which critical ingredient can make or break your meal

But fair warning! Before you go any further, I highly suggest you don’t read our guide on an empty stomach. 

Otherwise, you’ll have an insatiable desire to devour BBQ immediately. Then again… is that really a bad thing? 

1. Redneck Food is Seriously Delicious

Sure, we’re stating the obvious, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Redneck food is undeniably tasty! 

From juicy ribs fresh off the smoker and smothered in tangy BBQ sauce to Grandma’s rich, homemade mac-and-cheese, we have yet to try a Redneck recipe we haven’t liked.

Redneck food combines all the sweet, smoky, salty, and savory flavors we love into dishes that rock our world. And best of all, there’s a delectable recipe for everyone and every palate.

Of course, anyone who argues otherwise clearly hasn’t had a dish paired with some Redneck Lipstick yet!

2. Redneck Food is a Labor of Love

Contrary to popular belief, Redneck food—like BBQ—isn’t that easy to make.

BBQ is an art form and a science. It’s a marriage of perfectly crafted fire, airflow, and charcoal, combined with expertly seasoned and selected meats. 

Pitmasters spend thousands of hours cultivating their craft and experimenting with new recipes, all so we can enjoy BBQ that’ll make us cry tears of joy with each bite. (Really, that happens.)

Redneck food uses time-honored recipes passed down from generation to generation. We work hard to learn these recipes and share them with our families as a symbol of our love, appreciation, and gratitude. 

PS: That’s the secret ingredient. Love. Well, love and kick-ass BBQ sauce. 

3. Never Use Barbecue as a Verb!

When making Redneck food for a cookout or dinner, avoid using the word “barbecue” as a verb—especially around a BBQ boss or pitmaster! 

Barbecue is what we eat (think: pulled pork, ribs, burnt ends, steak.) To produce barbecue, we either smoke, grill, or cook that meat.

And, while barbecue is a noun, it doesn’t refer to the equipment you use either. That’s either a grill or a smoker. No serious Redneck BBQ enthusiast would say “Let me fire up the barbecue!

However, saying “Man, I can’t wait to devour the BBQ you made for dinner” is a perfectly acceptable sentence. (Especially if followed with “Don’t worry, I brought the Redneck Lipstick BBQ sauce!”)

4. Redneck Recipes are Perfect for Every Party

No matter what type of shindig you’re hosting, Redneck recipes hit the spot.

Backyard BBQ? Queue up the hot dogs, hamburgers, and pulled pork. It’s grilling time.

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Family gathering? BBQ chicken wings will be a hit with everyone, including your Aunt who complains about everything under the sun. 

Wedding reception? Celebrate with some BBQ! No one enjoys those finger foods anyway

Seriously, pick an occasion and we guarantee there’s nothing a little BBQ couldn’t liven up. Redneck food and recipes are even better when paired with warm weather, cold drinks, and friends.

5. But First, You Need the Right Gear

Unfortunately, you can’t make Redneck recipes without the right equipment. Food this mind-blowing doesn’t come out of a microwave or a can!

To take your BBQ game to the next level, you’ll want to have at least one of these items at your home.

  • Meat Smoker – You can’t snap your fingers and magically have tender, juicy BBQ in hand. Instead, it takes time, heat, and the right application of airflow to produce that tasty, tangy goodness. Meat smokers allow for a long and slow heat process that results in finger-licking worthy BBQ. If you’ve got the time to experiment with new recipes, get yourself a Redneck smoker!
  • Grill – Now, everyone’s got a grill at home. But we’re talking about the right grill. No propane tanks or grill pans over a stovetop. We mean charcoal grills capable of producing that sensational smoky flavor we crave.
  • BBQ Tools – After you’ve selected a grill or a smoker (or both!), there are a handful of helpful tools you’ll want to add to your collection, such as:
  • Metal spatula
  • Metal tongs
  • Lighter fluid
  • Charcoal chimney
  • Grill brush
  • Baking sheets
  • Metal skewers
  • Cooling rack
  • Meat thermometer

While grilling and smoking equipment is essential, it’s important to remember that the tools don’t make the meal. It takes time, trial, and lots of focus to perfect your Redneck food culinary skills. 

6. Redneck Food Isn’t Unhealthy!

If you’re watching your weight or focused on your health, you might believe that you can’t eat Redneck food. 

Think again and thank us later, because Redneck food as a whole isn’t bad for you!

Sure, there are recipes like potato salad loaded with carbohydrates and dairy. And, certain Southern franchises do hone in on the breaded and smothered gimmick. But if you are mindful of the ingredients and portions, you can enjoy phenomenal Redneck recipes without worrying about extra calories. 

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For example, barbecue is just expertly seasoned and cooked meat with a sweet, tangy sauce on top. That’s it! Meat, seasonings, sauce. 

And, barbecue isn’t reserved for meat. Have you ever tried grilled asparagus? Sweet potato? Fish? That smoky charcoal flavor combined with Redneck Lipstick sauce and seasoning transforms any meal into Redneck food.

Also, who said salads couldn’t be Redneck food? Have you ever had BBQ pulled pork on top of a freshly chopped salad with all the fixings? It’s the best summer salad we’ve ever had!

7. It’s All About the BBQ Sauce

If there’s one Redneck food rule you follow, it’s to never forget the sauce.

Without BBQ sauce, your grilled or smoked meat and veggies are boring, dry, and dare we say, bland. Who’d want to eat that at a cookout? Not even the dog. (Yikes)

And, if you’re not hosting the cookout, it’s always good to have a bottle on hand. You never know if someone’s BBQ needs saving!

After all, BBQ sauce is serious business. People have sworn allegiances to their preferred sauce style. 

That’s why we set out to create a BBQ sauce and seasoning that everyone enjoys. The sweet and smoky aromas combined with the tangy flavor is guaranteed to satisfy everyone at your party.

Add the tastiest BBQ sauce around to your Redneck food!

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